A California fella really loves his pool toys...literately.

20 year-old Mark lives with his 15 inflatables in his Redlands California home. He was featured in a recent episode of My Strange Addiction.

He says that each of his plastic pals have their own personality. Some like music and some like to sleep all day. He bathes them and even cooks for them! He says he can't go a day without them.He says he likes them more than people.

His favorite inflatable is Lila, a yellow dragon. He said he'd marry her because he loves her so much!

In the episode he did agree to talk with a therapist who did help him start to associate with more people. However, Mark says he still prefers his inflatables over people.

On that note, I'd like to announce my engagement to my rubber ducky collection. We're registered at Toys R' Us.