Wow.  After viewing this, all we're going to do when we're driving is....just drive.

The Maine Department of Transportation posted a video on Facebook today that shows someone driving through the gaff, or, lifting arm, on the Casco Bay drawbridge in Portland.  The agency released the video as part of it's #JustDrive campaign, which is an effort to get folks to pay attention while behind the wheel.

In the video you'll see cars approaching the lowering gaff, which is a moving barrier meant to bring vehicles to a standstill so that the drawbridge can be safely lifted to let a boat or ship pass safely underneath.

The car leading the pack doesn't stop, and the top of the gaff bounces on and off the roof of the vehicle.  The MDOT says that the car's operator did stop after hitting the railing and did report the incident.  But, it could have ended real bad if the vehicle had eventually driven into the side of the raised drawbridge.

Just another good reason to put the phone down and concentrate on driving!

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