It is time once again I95's "Pay For Play CaPellathon". This is not only an opportunity for you to hear songs on I95 that is normally not on our list.  This is also a chance for local artists to have the thrill of hearing their original songs on the radio.  Too cool and yet the real thrill has got to be changing the life of a special needs child. Here are some examples of how Camp CaPella has changed the lives of campers and their families.

Let's start with a mom who brought her 5 year old autistic son to camp. Upon arriving, she told the camp staff that she didn’t think her son would be able to make it through the week. “ He wouldn’t swim, We’d never get him on the boat,  He had no friends, and she just didn’t think he would be able to make it.” On Friday, after a week at camp, her son had to introduce his mother to a couple of his new friends, and had to show his mother how he could swim to the float. I watched as his mother stood on the beach with tears streaming down her face saying, “I never thought I would ever see him be able to do this!”

And then there is Lisel ...

Camp CaPella doesn’t have many campers from out of state. But in 2012 a family brought their 10 year old daughter, Lisel, to camp Capella all the way from Ann Arbor Michigan. Lisel was a beautiful 10 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy. She needed total care and support. Upon the week’s end her parents told the camp director that they both were employed by the University of Michigan and had researched the entire USA for a camp who they felt could provide their little Lisel with a summer camp experience. They reported that they had found just 18 summer camps that could do this for their daughter ---and they brought her to Camp CaPella!

That’s the kind of wonderful place Camp CaPella is and that the kind of resource we have here for children with many disabilities.

Camp CaPella is a privately funded non-profit that I-95 helps with fundraising whenever we can.

Ready to play? Here is how it works:

Between 6AM and 6PM on June 23rd, we'll play ANY SONG ON THE PLANET FOR A DONATION TO CAMP CAPELLA!

Phone in your request this Friday at 991-9713!  Either Paul & Amanda,DJ Fred, or Dorian will be here to take your request and your donation!


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