In honor of "National Siblings Day", we thought we'd share some of our own tales... Be it good or bad, there are always stories siblings love to tell about each other at family gatherings.


JStew: In some ways, I don't always feel like my sister and I grew up together. Not in a bad way, we're just fairly far apart in age. So by the time I was in like, fourth grade, my sister was off to college. But... probably the one I love to tell is when I was 4 or 5, and I crawled in the dryer, being a little turd.

I taunted her about turning it on, and finally after sheer annoyance, she did! Only for like, one second. But enough so that I took a decent tumble inside it. Then there's also the story about the time she "accidentally" stabbed my in the leg. Of course, I never had anything to do with any of this because I was the perfect angel. Hahahaha.... yeah, right.

These days, my sister and I are a lot closer. Only because maturity closed the age gap for us a bit. Which is my subtle way of admitting I'm finally old enough to stop being an a-hole to my sister. She can at least now say that I admitted it publicly.


Cori: I am the first of 4 kids. My sister, Natalie, is 2 years younger than I am. Then came my brother Pat, 2 years after that. And then my brother Dan, 2 years after that. Growing up in a house full of siblings had its challenges and it's benefits. You always had someone to talk to, someone that had your back against the world. You also had someone who would totally rat you out, break your stuff, and/or fart and blame it on you! I love my siblings. They have actually turned out to be pretty great humans, and have all made pretty great little people, too. (I have 5 nephews and one more on the way!) When we get together now, we have plenty to laugh and reminisce about. As wild as days were back then, the one thing that I remember most is that we always stuck together when times got tough. We'd give each other absolute crap like no one else could, but if anyone else tried to give us crap, watch out!

Some of the most vivid memories from childhood...let's see...


Church: My mom would take us to church every Sunday. I am not sure why this always happened, but we'd either end up next to the one older lady who could not carry a tune for the life of herself (but she would celebrate loudly in spite of that fact) or one of my brothers would have a terrible case of gas. Either way, there were usually noises, smells, uncontrollable repressed laughter that resulted in the full body shakes, and then "The Look" from my mother at the end of the pew. Even if she sat smack dab in between us all, we'd still manage to end up in fits of laughter.

Injuries: I'd say as many injuries as my siblings and I sustained due to our clumsiness, we also inflicted upon each other.

Public Humiliation: My brothers were especially adept at this one. If they even caught wind that my sister or I had an interest in someone of the opposite sex, they would deploy their well-stocked arsenal of humiliation tactics, and viola! Needless to say, my sister and I didn't date much till we were out of the house!

Unified in our suffering: The good thing about siblings, at least in our house, was that if my mom got mad at one of us, all of us shared in the suffering. And because of this, we have the ability to empathize with one another in a way no one else will ever be able to. Like the year mom ruined Christmas because menopause hit. Only my siblings and I will understand what it was like to receive 57 messages on an answering machine (yes, remember those) that just consist of screams of "You're ruining Christmas!"

That leads me to the final thing about growing up with siblings that is pretty neat...

Inside Jokes: When you share the better part of your formative years with a group of people, experiencing life at the same time, you can't help but have similar senses of humor. And from those shared times, come inside jokes--because humor, in my family, was a coping mechanism. So there were A LOT of inside jokes. I'm grateful for all of them!

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Lisa Gallant Hey! JStew’s sister here! I will say growing up with JStew had its challenges, especially since I am 7 years older than he is. Without getting specific it was always interesting having my high school friends over when my very precocious 9-10 year old brother would love the opportunity to gain attention by saying something very embarrassing or inappropriate! I know hard to believe right?!? JStew has always had a way with words and he’s never been afraid to unleash them for the greater “good!” That being said, now that we’re grown ups he’s the best little/big brother I could ask for. Now he uses his way with words on my behalf instead of against me. Love you JStew!!
Some of you shared your thoughts on siblings, too!
Kate Boyington Well, for starters, my sister is awesome.
Mary K. Drew But I have the best brother!
Jim When I was a kid, my mother smoked Salems and Pall Malls. I was 15 and my sister was 13. My mother meets me at the door, off the bus, and grabs me by the thumb and the forefinger, and yards me over to the kitchen table. Sniffs all my clothes, grills me with the thumbs screws, and the whole deal, convinced that I'm sneaking her cigarettes. And I said "It's not me." So she starts watching my sister. My sister would climb in the bathtub, and go out on the front porch roof and smoke. So my mother catches her on the front porch smoking. So my mother says "You wanna smoke? Smoke this." So she goes to the fridge and gets a pack of Pall Malls, lights the first one and passes it to my sister. She started smoking it. She started coughing, and gagging and puking. She made her smoke the whole friggin pack. So the moral to this is: Did Jim ever smoke? No sir. Jim was smarter than his sister.

Dennis: So for siblings day......i have the coolest sister and brother!!! Julie has always been our triplet!!! Shes just downright loving..caring compassionate being and im fortunate to call her my big sister!! As for my brother "dan". He's my identical amazing is that for a friend..companion..partner.BROTHER! WE FEEL WE HAVE GOTTEN TWICE AS MUCH OUT OF LIFE!!!

Kari Jo Davis I am 14 months older than my brother, he was a mean evil child, and hated me. My mother never believed me until she finally witnessed him come after me with a hammer. No lie I can't make this stuff up. My mother gave him a beating he never forgot. Lol


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