A Millinocket man drove through a locked gate at the Wastewater Plant and then called 911 for a tow.

What Did He Say to the 911 Dispatchers?

East Millinocket Police say the emergency call came in shortly before 8:00 Friday night. The male caller told dispatchers that he was locked behind a gate and needed a tow home. Before dispatchers could ask him for any details, the caller hung up. Officials say he called 911 repeatedly, after that, but they were not able to get any more information about where he was or what had happened. By using 911 mapping, police were able to pinpoint the man's location at the wastewater treatment plant on Medway Road in Millinocket.

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Were Alcohol or Drugs Involved in This Incident?

When Officer Gee arrived at the scene, he found a vehicle that had crashed through the locked gate of the treatment plant. The vehicle had also repeatedly crashed into the guardrail before coming to rest on an access road. Gee located the driver, Dillon Repasy of Millinocket, and reportedly noticed several signs that the man had allegedly been drinking.

Repasy was transported by ambulance to Millinocket Regional Hospital for some minor facial injuries. Once he was released from the hospital, Repasy was arrested and taken to the Penobscot County Jail.

How Was He Charged?

He faces multiple charges:

  • Operating under the influence - 2nd offense
  • Operating after suspension
  • Aggravated criminal mischief
  • Trespass by a motor vehicle

No one else was hurt in the incident. Officials say the damage to the wastewater plant is estimated to be in excess of $20,000.

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