Outdoor dining has become a necessity in eateries across the Nation. Many restaurants have set up outside seating arrangements in an attempt to give patrons options to eat at their locations, while breathing a little easier in the fresh, open outdoors.

And in many cases, and many places, the outdoor dining areas may border, or in some instances, share space with the surrounding wildlife.

Just think about the number of times you've been able to watch Eagles fly around while eating breakfast at The Eagle's Nest in Brewer, or enjoying a Lobster Roll at the Union River Lobster pot in Ellsworth?! There are a lot of Maine eateries that offer views of wildlife. And it can be super neat to spy something wild while eating a meal....unless, of course, that wildlife gets a little too close for comfort?!

That's just what happened along Highway 61 in Minnesota last week. There's a little restaurant called The Cascade Lodge in the town of Lutson, along Lake Superior. And what unfolded there--right before the folks eating in the outdoor seating area--was something I'm sure no one will soon forget.

And it was all caught on video! (Of course!)

An immature, and rather aggressive Bald Eagle began to attack a woman in the area, going after her legs. But Chef Bernie, who was working that day, stepped up (to what was I'm sure a terrifying challenge--to battle a freaking Eagle! I mean, who volunteers to do that?) and came to the woman's rescue!

You really have to see it to believe it! This poor woman--I have no idea what I would have done in her situation. Have you ever seen an Eagle's talons up close? You do NOT want them near your jeans! And the brave Chef, Bernie, who went to help her! His quick thinking toss of his chef's jacked on to the young bird's head, ultimately led to him being able to remove it from the lady's leg. Amazing! To see the "after" picture of that jacket in shreds! Unreal!

To watch the entire story here, click here.

If nothing, it's certainly a good reminder to be wary of wildlife when eating outside!

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