For our topic of the day today on the Morning Show, we wanted to know what mispronounced words drive you right up the wall?

JStew: Oddly enough, I thought this was going to be much harder than it turned out to be. But then I happened to remember one word that gets me every time when someone flubs it. It happened to be the name of one of my favorite lunch spots, and one of my favorite spices.....Chipotle. I would say at least half of the people I hear, pronounce it "cha-pole-tay". It is definitely NOT pronounced that way. Most people invert the L and the T. It is correctly pronounced "chi-pote-lay". Another one that sends me into the stratosphere of frustration is "EX-presso". I dated a girl that used to say it. I'm pretty sure we may have broken up over the amount of times I corrected her for saying it wrong. It's with an additional "S" not an "X". ESPRESSO!!!!!!!

Cori: Usually I’d go with “irregardless”, but recently I’ve seen an uptick in instances of people swapping out tentacles and testicles (I’m not even kidding) so I’d have to say that that’s my knew face-palm trigger. The other one that doesn't so much drive me nuts as it does make me kind of chuckle is when people say "hundret" instead of hundred. My mom's family was from Connecticut and would all pronounce it that way.

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The answers here are all spot on, as these words will definitely drive you crazy if someone says them wrong. Let's look together, shall we?

KStew  ETC. = et cetera!!! With a T! Not eck cetera!

Grampa Bob My wife and her family say kintchen instead of kitchen.

Steve When people say Bang-er not Bangor.

Kelly Mahar "Specific", some people say "pacific" instead, drives me batty lol. Or "All intensive purposes" instead of "all intents and purposes"

Betsy Goodwin Jalapeño. Used to work at Burger King and the amount of people who mispronounced this word is staggering.

Sandy Beatham Using know instead of now. Example I am going to bed know instead of now. See it all the time. Or saying I axed you. Instead of ask.

Brandi Boucher Harrington Obeast (obese)

Brad Rice Bangor, not Bang her

Bobbie Lindsey Potable

Bob Hatch Chimley, not chimney. Also, "Post", as in, "you were post to be here, last night".

Kari Jo Davis If I thought it over, I'm sure I have a list.. but the very first one that comes to mind is vericle..aka vehicle.

Melanie Perkins Unthaw

Becky Hall Rotor cup (rotator cuff). Prostrate or postrate (prostate). Pacifically (specifically).

Desiree Jandreau dominion republic

Nathan Orr Axed rather than asked

Lisa Hastings Nuculer (nuclear)

Sharon Roper Harward Realator

Estin Harriman I hate how people pronounce scallop as if there's no second l

Kate Harrington Scallop

Doug Springer I have a great idear. Let’s give it a warsh.

Lisa Gallant “Anyways” my English teacher grandmother drilled it into my head that it is anywayyyyy no s at the end!!!

Kim Tarbox Idear—- kills me!

Melanie Makin "Liberry"- although I could be biased, being a librarian

Kevin Cirone Brand knew?

Megan Bridges "supposably"

Caller: My wife cannot pronounce Connecticut. She sasys Ca-nnaticutt. I just say "Where are we going?"

Amanda E. Gleason “Eckspecially”, “nuculer”. For phrases, “I could care less” and “me and him” (or any variation of listing yourself first) drive me bonkers. Oh, and “relator” (I’m surprised how many actual realtors pronounce it that way) and “jewlary”

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