Moose aren't really that easy to just go find.

If there's one thing that always makes me laugh at people from out of state on Facebook or Reddit threads, they always ask where they can go see a moose. They obviously have no idea how big they are, how angry they can get, and how much damage they could do to you or your car. They think they're giant teddy bears.

On the other hand, if you're an experienced hunter in Maine, you usually have a pretty good idea where to go look, but you're smart enough to bring a gun along with you. And as a hunter, you also know that they're pretty elusive. In fact, a lot of times, the only occasion people do see moose, is when they run in front of their car.

Back to the previous point about tourists...

I saw this morning, that a person on Reddit thinks the "Moose Crossing" signs along the highway, particularly in the area of Clinton, are merely for tourists. Meaning, in this person's opinion, no moose EVER cross the highway in Clinton. We're only putting these signs up to make tourists think moose are everywhere, I guess?

Now, this isn't as bad as a story I read once, where a person claimed we needed more deer crossing signs so the deer would know where to cross... As though deer possess the ability to read and comprehend English. But to think that the state would put a moose crossing sign up just to impress tourists is far-fetched at least.

Deer and moose are everywhere, just not always where you can see them.

Just in the last decade, there have been thousands of moose-related accidents, with more than a couple dozen fatalities. An old friend of mine was killed in a car accident with a moose a few years ago, and it's no joke at all. They literally just step out of nowhere from the woods, often with little or no chance to react behind the wheel.

This isn't as bad as a story I read once, where a person claimed we needed more deer crossing signs so the deer would know where to cross....

While I can sort of humorously appreciate that Redditor's joke about the Clinton area, I can assure you, moose are no joke when it comes to Maine's roads. And even if it were for tourists, it doesn't make them any less important. Sorry seeing a sign about moose gets you all worked up enough to head to Reddit. You might need some friends.


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