Survivor: Cagayan debuted last night on CBS TV and one of the first images we were shown was a very beautiful contestant disembarking a boat and setting foot in the sand somewhere off the coast of the Philippines.

Morgan McLeod, 21, from San Jose, California, was proclaimed a "hot girl" by contestant LJ.  LJ went on to say that he trusted cute girls but not hot girls, so when given a chance to immediately send her packing, he did.

Morgan was sent off to the "Beauties" camp before everyone else where she was given a choice of extra food for her camp mates or a chance at finding an immunity idol.  She choose the idol, and didn't find it.  Where will this all lead for Morgan.

More importantly though, while searching in the waters of the Pacific for the idol, Morgan stripped down into her bikini for the first time.  Which immediately locked in many casual male television viewers for the remainder of the season, or at least until Morgan is voted out.

Morgan McLeod is currently a student at San Jose State University.  Her biggest claim to fame before Survivor was that she was chosen to be a cheerleader for the San Francisco 49'ers while a senior in high school.

Morgan knows that she's up against the odds on Survivor.  She says that she uses her good looks to her advantage in real life but they could be detrimental to her chances of winning the $1 million dollars on Survivor.

Morgan says that the one thing she would like to have on the island is a razor, because "hairy legs are not cute"  Will the hot girl with a grudge win it all?  Only time will tell.  But one thing that is guaranteed is that when she is handed the million dollar check, her legs will be clean shaven!

Follow Morgan on Facebook or on Twitter, where Morgan said after watching the first episode that "she didn't realize that she sounded like a chipmunk"!  Good luck Chippy!

Monty Brinton/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting Inc.