You've seen her on TV telling you to go to "get ready for an offer that's gonna blow you away"!  Honestly, we're a little blown away by Casey Gagliardi, the totally cute girl who directs your mouse to!

Model Mayhem

This 22 year old blue eyed blonde beauty has been holed up in L.A. for about a year now. She started out as a dancer although it hasn't taken her long to become a self professed "jack of all trades".  She's recently done some acting, aerial acrobatics and has modeled for Nissan.  She's also created a small handbag line.  This talented girl is also pretty good with sign language.

Casey says that she really loves to be creative and likes to be around other creative people. Hey, we create radio stations and websites, Casey can hang with us any day!

Recently, Casey has changed her hair color!  We do love variety!

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