So exactly who is the girl who says, "fluff away" in the new Skechers Memory Foam commercials running on the tube?  She's English model and actress Kelly Brook!

Kelly looks ever so glamorous in the latest Skechers ad, comfortably lying in bed while two well chiseled hunks attend to her every need.  And who can blame them!

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Kelly (36), began modeling at the age of 16, and it didn't take long for this beauty's face....and well body, to become very well known!  After those knuckle draggin' editors of London's Daily Star starting featuring her as a Page Three Girl, her career started to go wild!  She's hosted various British TV shows and has competed on Strictly Come Dancing, which is England's equivalent to Dancing With The Stars.  Kelly's been on the covers of Maxim, Women's Fitness, Glamour, GQ, Playboy, and far too many others to mention!  She also has a line of swimwear, and clothing line.

FHM Magazine

The very bouncy and bubbly Kelly has also acted in American television shows like Smallville, and has appeared on the big screen in Piranha 3D as Danni, who was viciously eaten by sharks at the end of the movie. Remember guys, it's only fiction!  She still graces the earth, and can walk on water for that matter.

Brook's dated actor Jason Statham the guy that played James Bond for quite a long time, and broke off an engagement with another.  It's hard to tell if she's currently single or not, but, there is absolutely no question that we'd like to fluff Kelly's pillow if given the chance!