We've all been there. It could be one of several scenarios. You might be the only person at 4-way stop at 4:00am and sit forever at a red light. Or it's 11:30am and you're waiting your turn to bang a left out of Hanny's, and watch the light turn green for literally everyone else, like nine times. It's maddening. But what do you do?

Well have no fear... thanks to some financial assistance from the Federal Highway Administration, Maine will be able to get 43 new traffic signals! Ha.... Out of 1072. Now don't get me wrong, that's waaaay better than zero. But who gets to decide who gets them? Will I finally stop dying at the light at McDonald's, trying to get onto Broadway?

Will there finally be some relief at the 4-way intersection in Hampden across from the entrance to the Academy? Or will some hoity-toity traffic light in Freeport get fixed instead? Sure, in a good year, Freeport sees millions of of visitors. But think of the hundreds, maybe thousands of people every day that need to take a left ? Who's thinking of them?!

According to WABI - TV5, Sen. Susan Collins had a lot to do with this as she is the chair of the Transportation Appropriations Subcommittee. So, I'd like to think that the Bangor area will see some special treatment, right? Like, maybe 20 of those 43 should just be for us. Let everyone else get their own federal grant!

I know I've said many times, I'm no fan of politics. But we live in a world where people need to make lefts off of Central Street and onto Main. Not everything in life is as simple as a right turn on red, or a 4-way stop sign. Sometimes life is just another roundabout to the groin. That's why we DESERVE more of these traffic lights than anyone.

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