Wow.  We have to admit that we're a little surprised at this one, but hey, who are we to judge?

Don McLean, 72, best known for his hit song American Pie, and probably secondly best known for assaulting his former wife of 30 years  in Camden in January of 2016, is hangin' out with Paris Dylan, 24, best known for posing semi-nude in both Maxim and Playboy, and for her Instagram account.

Yes rockers you read that correctly, he's 72 and she's 24!  Remember, it's only rock 'n roll.

While checking out Paris Dylan's website, we came across this line, "Paris is really into '60s and '70s music."  Guess so, in more ways than one. The site also exclaims. "Paris is regularly doing professional shoots, mostly bikini and lingerie."  God love her.

Paris was seen tromping around with McLean and his band as they toured England last month, and it got us to wondering if she will be seen here in Maine someday. Most likely in the Camden area, where as far as we know McLean still may own property.

McLean resolved his 2016 domestic violence case here in Maine by paying a fine and promising to be a good boy.  But now that he has this 24 year-old  vivacious brunette beauty by his side, as far as we can tell he's been a bad boy, a very very bad boy.

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