Who's the very pretty girl inviting us to buy everything we love for less?  She's Kristen Mulligan, and you better be a big time coffee drinker to keep up with this girl!

This professional actress and singer grew up in Seattle, WA, where she also grew to love coffee!  On her website, Kirsten says that her love of coffee may have something to do with her "perky attitude"

Besides appearing in television ads for companies like NoMoreRack.com and Peachtree Lending, Kristen also has recently starred in two TV shows on Discovery ID, "Redrum" and "Dates From Hell".

This very talented girl is also a member of the USO Liberty Bells of Metropolitan New York, the popular traveling song and dance troupe created to lift the spirits of our troops and their families.   As a matter of fact she's got me humming "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" as I'm writing this!

Kirsten dislikes body odor, cockroaches and that krusty stuff around the lid of a ketchup bottle, hey don't we all!   Besides coffee, Kristen also likes spicy food, hiking and camping and tropical climates, so if she comes to Maine she may need someone to keep her warm.  Any takers?