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The Walking Dead has a hot new zombie killer on board and her name is Rosita Espinosa, and the actress who plays her is Christian Serratos!

Christian Serratos, 23,  is a southern California girl and has studied dance, ballet and figure skating!  She later went on to modeling and television.  You may have seen her in 7th Heaven, Hannah Montana or Zoey 101, she's also been in the Twilight movies where she played Bella's friend Angela.

With much gratitude from us, Rosita spends her time on The Walking Dead wearing a cut off t-shirt, shorts and combat boots.  The side arms attached to each hip enhance the sensuous killer image immensely!

Christian is also a big supporter of animal rights and proved it by posing nude for PETA, the People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals organization. "I've always been opposed to slaughtering, eating, wearing carcass," Serratos said of stripping down for the animal rights organization's "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign.

The Walking Dead, AMC

Rosita showed up two episodes ago with survivors Sgt. Abraham Ford and  Dr. Eugene Porter, who evidently holds the key to the calming of the zombie apocalypse.  Only time will tell.  Hopefully it will be awhile, 'cause you have to love a zombie killer who looks like Rosita!

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