It's strange to think that we would need a reminder to stop and smell the roses; to take a minute to slow down and actually enjoy our kids. But there was a time when we were so busy that those special moments of parenthood would often take a back seat to work and things that were "more pressing" than being a goof-ball and making a memory with our children.

In a way, Covid-19 has forced us all to slow down. And there are many accounts coming out of this year of quarantining and social distancing, in which parents have reported enjoying getting to get to know their kids again, in the absence of the demanding schedules of work and school and extracurricular activities.

Being a nation that tends to be so busy was one of the reasons why National Sons and Daughters take was created.

According to the website,  the day may have originated in the 1930's, but didn't really catch on until decades later.

"The next reference of National Son and Daughter Day is in the Nanaimo Daily News. The Canadian publication, found in the British Columbia region, referenced the day in 1988. Whatever the origins are, August 11 is a day for spending some quality time with your children. Do something that you all enjoy doing as a family and treasure those moments together." gives us some more context as to why it's important to make getting to know your kids a priority.

"Time with our children can be fleeting. Not only do they grow quickly, but their interests and needs change, too....Let your children know that you are glad they are part of your life. While listening to the events of their day, share family stories. Find out about their hopes and dreams. Learn what inspires them."

Personally, once I became a mom, my kids became my world--in a good way.



They ground me, give me purpose, provide so much joy. And I try to cherish the time I get to spend with them. To see them grow up has been one of the coolest things that I've ever been able to do.


I know I'm not alone in feeling this way. In fact, I asked for you to share your feelings about your sons and daughters. Here are a few that you sent my way!

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