Baby, it's going to get cold out there.

The National Weather Service informs us that winter is definitely not over at this point, and that Mother Nature will remind us of that beginning tonight and throughout the day tomorrow.

Here in the Bangor area this Monday, it will be a wet day, with any snow showers turning entirely over to rain during the mid-day hours. We'll start out the day warm with a high temperature up to 41 degrees.

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Things will begin to change significantly later today, as a powerful cold front begins to move across the state.  Any rain or snow showers in our area should end before midnight tonight, although the winds will increase out of the west and may gust as high as 32 mph.  We'll have an overnight low temperature of 4 degrees in Bangor, and the wind chill values will dip to -8 below.

Tuesday will be a nice clear day in Bangor with mostly sunny skies, but very cold with a high temperature of only 16 degrees.  The big news tomorrow will be the gusting winds and wind chills.  Northwesterly winds will average between 22 and 26 miles per hour with gusts up to 43 miles per hour, creating wind chill values as low as -18.

Needless to say if you're going to be working outdoors tomorrow then dress for the occasion, and also take preventative steps to keep your home warm and your water pipes from freezing.

If your water pipes do indeed freeze, then here's what NOT TO DO.

Things will warm up by Wednesday again with partly sunny skies expected and a high temperature of 34 in Bangor.

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