Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic last spring, many folks I know have taken up hobbies. The shut-down of what seemed like everything fun has led people to look around and make the best of their situations and surroundings.

Some people have taken up crafts, others home improvement and decorating projects. Whether it be to learn a new skill, like sewing, knitting or scrap-booking, or because they're looking for ways to breathe some new life into rooms they've been living hard in for the better part of a year, there doesn't seem to be a shortage of need for supplies to fuel these home and self improvement jobs.

That's why the news that there will soon be another craft store in town is very exciting to some!

As we first mentioned in an article last March, crafting super store Michaels was planning to open their next location along Stillwater Avenue in Bangor. The location was the site of the former A.C. Moore store, which closed (along with all their other stores across the nation) in November of 2019. A.C. Moore also had store locations in Augusta and South Portland.

After the old store closed, a big red "Coming Soon" banner directing folks to apply at the Michaels website was hung up across the entrance. It would seem that the management has made the best of the last 10 months or so, and are now ready to open for business.

A Michaels spokeswoman told the Bangor Daily News the store tentatively was set to open March 21.

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