This has to stop. Seriously. And if you, as a parent, are reading this and think doesn't affect you or your child, think again.

Father supporting his daughter at home

This week, the Penquis Valley High School sent a letter out to parents, detailing the damage students had done to school property, in the name of the newest TikTok Challenge called "Devious Licks". It outlined what had been done, and what the consequences of these actions would be for both the students and the parents of the kids involved.

But with that letter, PVHS Principal, Travis Rollins, included a list of upcoming "Devious Licks Monthly Challenges." Both the letter and the list were also shared on the school's Facebook Page. 

Now, I want you to take a good look at that list.

I'd like to direct your attention to the months of October, November, January and April.

Plain and simple, these are challenges that instead of involving incidents of vandalism, encourage kids to commit crimes of assault.

Even if you've been a responsible parent and actually had a conversation with your kids about why taking part in these stupid TikTok trends is a bad idea, you'll likely want to sit down again and talk about what to do if instead of being the perpetrator of one of these challenges, they are the victim.

As though vandalizing soap and hand sanitizer dispensers during a pandemic were not ridiculous enough, not to mention adding to the workload of already over-taxed custodial staff, who are just doing their best to keep our kids safe and healthy while they go to school, these latest challenges go beyond that. And it's absolutely unacceptable.

It's time for parents to be parents. Have the tough conversations. Set up expectations and consequences. And follow through if your kid decides to cave to the peer pressure of TikTok.

Conversely, let your kids know that there's an open line of communication to both you and teachers,  should they fall victim to any of these challenges. They're not "snitches" or "tattle-tales" for reporting this behavior. A TikTok challenge doesn't give anyone the right to slap, jab, or grope someone. Period.

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