Drinking glasses, polka-dot pinwheels, frozen deep-dish pizza, and dish detergent? Yup, everything's a dollar!

The new Dollar Tree store, in the same shopping complex as Marden's and Tractor Supply on the Bar Harbor Road in Ellsworth, will open for business on Thursday, March 30th!

Don't be confused!  It's not a Dollar General, like those in Searsport, Bucksport, Glenburn, and the one that may or may not materialize in Sullivan.  It's not a Family Dollar store either.  Although, Dollar Tree's parent company also owns the Family Dollar stores.

Ellsworth already has a Family Dollar store, right next to Shaw's on High Street. But Family Dollar and Dollar Tree seem to co-exist okay in the same city, like they do in Bangor, two-fold.

Has confusion set in yet?  You're in luck. We're selling it for only a buck!

So get ready to snatch up that hummingbird feeder or a bag of Brillo scrubbing pads for....you guessed it, ONE DOLLAR!

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