Cool new stuff to see on the way to Grammy's house!

The Maine Department of Transportation has unveiled four new signs to spruce up the sides of the interstate and turnpike, just in time for Thanksgiving.

How creative are these?  We think, very.

"Mash potatoes, not your head" is a little gruesome, but gets the point across, we guess.  It's certainly not very appetizing.

And yes, we do love our "giblets", whatever that word alludes to.  And yes, we do love pie.

But "Gobble gobble, easy on the throttle" is certainly our favorite.

Apparently we can't give the Maine Department of Transportation all of the credit for these creatively worded roadside signs, as some commentators on Facebook have made mention of seeing the same elsewhere in other states.

But at least the signs keep you wanting more during the sometimes long and mundane trips over what seems like a never ending road filled with spruce trees and marsh.  They're much better than admiring the roadkill, and perhaps just maybe, they may save a life!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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