In essence they appear to be trying their hand at being a convenience store as well as a dollar mart. 

Not so long ago Dollar Tree the owner of Family Dollar also told of a reorganization strategy to strengthen their brand which included closing some of their under performing stores. Now in a new release they unveil more of their plans including adding alcohol add freezers or cooler compartments. The Release stating:

  • The Company plans to re-banner approximately 200 Family Dollar stores to the Dollar Tree brand in fiscal 2019.

  • Additionally, the Company plans to add adult beverage product in approximately 1,000 Family Dollar stores and expand freezers and coolers in approximately 400 Family Dollar stores in fiscal 2019. In the first quarter, adult beverage product was added to approximately 45 stores and freezers and coolers were expanded in approximately 55 stores.

Where these test locations will be is still under wraps but it will be interesting to see if spirits can improve their bottom line and given their main brand theme how much the libations will cost.

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