As of Tuesday, November 2, the protocol for visitors accompanying patients to the Emergency Department at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center, will be changing.  According to representatives at Northern Light, visitors will no longer be able to accompany patients into the waiting area while they are being processed through to be admitted. Instead, visitors will be called in after, once patients have been admitted and are in an actual room.

"...So we may meet the immediate needs of the community and maintain patient and staff safety, we are limiting visitation in the ED. All visitors are asked to wait outside the Medical Center until the patient has been assigned a room in the main ED.

Once a patient is assigned to an ED room, they may have one visitor, per day, for the duration of their stay in the ED, as long as the patient does not have any COVID-19 symptoms, or the patient has tested negative for COVID-19."

There will be some exceptions made, for instance in the case of a minor being admitted, or someone who is unable to speak for themselves. And if a patient is experiencing trauma or an end-of-life situation, the immediate family will be allowed to be present. But the visitors accompanying those folks will need to be 18 or older, remain masked the entire time, and pass a Covid Screening test.

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For more information on Patient or Visitor policies at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center, you can check their website by clicking here. 

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