I already miss China Light. Full disclosure, I haven't eaten there in years, but it was a Bangor institution in every way. It had been in the same spot on Broadway for as long as I could possibly remember. My friends and I all have a lot of fond memories of that place. I even have a friend who met his wife there. Go figure.

So when they announced they were closing, shockwaves were felt all through the city. How could such a longstanding spot, there for decades, be closing down? It felt like a direct gut punch right into Bangor's breadbasket. I heard stories of people trying to order food from there in the last week they were open, and being told it would be a 3-4 hour wait.

So obviously, there was a lot of love for their food. But the scuttlebutt is heating up around town now. Apparently, a sign has been placed in the window that says, "Chinese Restaurant, Coming Soon". I've seen it posted multiple times on the You Know You Grew Up In Bangor... Facebook page.

No word if this has anything to do with the previous owners, be it family or whatever. But it's pretty comforting to know that we may be able to kinda pick up right where we left off, so to speak. There are some great Chinese food restaurants in Bangor, but there's still plenty of room for more.

Hopefully, no one tries to draw too many comparisons when the new place opens. Let them do their own thing, and find their own way. It won't be China Light. It might even be better. But just having a Chinese restaurant in that location seems to keep things right with the world. And that, we need more of.

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