I would imagine on of the toughest parts of getting sober for folks with kids, is how to transition into your new lifestyle. And, how do you do it with kids? A lot of people, upon leaving treatment, enter sober living houses. A new one in Machias opening this spring,  is addressing this issue head-on.

The home is being developed by Healthy Acadia, a group dedicated to addressing public health initiatives in Hancock and Washington Counties. Often, the biggest hurdle for women in recovery is the lack of affordable housing, childcare, and transportation. By allowing these moms to keep their kids with them, it helps cut costs.

But this is no free ride. Residents will be expected to find work and pay rent to stay in the house. After all, it's a fairly large house with 8 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and will ultimately house 18 residents.

It's going to be located on Elm Street in Machias, as soon as renovations to the house are complete. It was once a shelter for those seeking refuge from domestic violence, but was most recently a privately owned business who's lease ended some time back.

The good news is, because of the nature of the facility, it won't just be open to Washington County residents only. Women from all over the state will able to make use of this house. That's great to hear right now, as drug use and related fatalities are on the rise all over the state.

According to the BDN, they're hoping for a late May/early June opening.




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