The two new solar farms will produce enough juice to power almost 10,000 homes here in Maine.

Work is already underway at the Eastern Piscataquis Industrial Park in Milo and eventually the 110 acre site will be filled with bi-facial solar panels that will generate power from both directions, as power is made from the bottom of the panels as the sun reflects off the snow.

The 20 megawatts of solar power that the Milo farm will produce will be pumped into a nearby substation and then sold to Versant Power at a rate much cheaper than the local power company has to go to market each year to obtain. Those savings will be passed along to you, the Maine consumer.  The Milo solar farm is expected to power up to 5,430 homes right here in Maine.

BNRG Maine and Dirigo Solar of Portland are the companies that are building the Milo farm, along with projects in 7 other communities across Maine, including one in Hancock that's scheduled for 2021.

The new solar farm in Hancock will be built at Merrill’s Blueberry Farms on the Thorsen Road, and it will be somewhat smaller than the Milo project at 60 acres but will produce 20.3 megawatts of power, according to the Ellsworth American.

The Thorsen Road location in Ellsworth was appealing to the companies as it sits up high, and like the project in Milo, it is located close to a nearby electrical substation to pump the newly produced power into.  Also like the Milo farm, power produced by the Ellsworth solar farm will be used by those that live here in Maine, and it will power up to 4,180 homes.

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