Don't know about you but I am a sucker for two things in this world, getting outside and roasting marshmallows which this definitely caught my eye.

This evening activity will happen in Holden with the Holden Land trust. There will be a 1 hour hike to the bottom of a great sliding field. Once there they are planning a bonfire and marshmallow roast with hot chocolate and lots  and lots of heat.

Another thing that makes this evening an adventure is that there will be a Supermoon over head.  Google describes is this way:

The Wolf Moon on the night between 1 and 2 January 2018 is a Supermoon.

Aaaa -Ooooo! The even runs from 5-8 PM and anyone wishing to join them for fun and a toasted marshmallow should meet them at the trail head across from the farmhouse on Copeland Hill Road.

According to the Land Trust's Facebook page The easiest to get to the Hart Farm, coming from Wilson Street turn right onto the Copeland Hill Road then to go straight on and continue through the intersection with the Wiswell Road, and keep coming up the hill until the sharp corner. You can't miss the Hart Farm on the Left as it sits right on that corner.

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