A Newport man who put three dogs in a single kennel and left them in a storage unit is now facing charges.

What Are the Charges?

Bangor Police say 26-year-old Randall Melvin is charged with two misdemeanors, including cruelty to animals and failure to provide shelter. He had his first court appearance on November 23 and is expected to be in court again in February of 2023.

Who Found the Dogs?

The dogs' plight first came to the police department's attention when an employee of a Bangor storage facility heard barking coming from inside one of the units. The employee called Bangor Police, and Sergeant Fanning and Officer Donnell responded. They opened the unit and found the dogs, confined to the kennel, who were not in good shape. The animals were emaciated and covered in feces. They got the dogs free and gave them water and then transported them to the Bangor Humane Society. That was in September.

How Are They Now?

It's a happy ending for the dogs, who were given food, water, and medical attention. Staff members named them Otis, Ella, and Dexter. Two of the three have already been adopted and the third is 'on hold,' which means they, too, will be going to a home of their own. Bangor Police have not commented on why the dogs were left in the storage unit or how long they may have been there before being discovered. The unit was not climate controlled.

This is the second case of dogs being left on their own in the past month. In Caribou earlier this month, a dog was abandoned in an empty house, locked in a closet. The house was vacant for a while before new homeowners moved in and found the emaciated dog. The animal was taken to a local shelter and given the medical attention he needed.

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