Like pretty much every other sporting event on Earth right now, the 2020 Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race also was canceled this year. We've run it pretty much without fail, for more than 50 years here in Bangor, so it seems a shame to let the event slide by with no recognition of any kind.

As I was surfing the internet with reckless abandon yesterday, I came across a YouTube video from Ryan Robbins. He went to the Kenduskeag Stream and filmed several different spots along the stream. Any other year, these spots would be hustling and bustling with Bangorians engaged in a decades-old tradition.

Thanks to the coronavirus, there was no race this year. But this video will take you down memory lane a bit, and you can enjoy a nice relaxing look at one of Bangtown's sweetest treasures. And as a bonus, here's a bunch of highlights from years past. Enjoy!

Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race Highlights

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