Well, isn't this interesting.  You see signs everywhere 'No Shoes...No Service'.  People are forced to believe there is a rule or a law banning your barefeet.  According to a little research, not on my part (this just fell in my lap)...there are NO laws in existence that require you to wear shoes...even DRIVING!

According to Barefoot Is Legal, it is actually safer to drive barefoot than it is to drive while wearing high heels or flip flops.  Some people actually prefer driving barefoot because:

  • Comfort
  • Feel the road better
  • Grip the pedals
  • Quicker reaction time
  • Shoe does not fall off

According to Barefoot is Legal, all 50 state reported there are no health department regulations requiring people to wear shoes in stores and restaurants.


If you have to go barefoot due to medical and health reasons, you are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act.


The Civil and Human Rights Acts protect you if you wish to go barefoot for religious, cultural or personal beliefs.


There's really nothing keeping you from roaming around barefoot in public places.  (Personally, it's not for me...I can't sleep naked)  ...Set your inner hippie free!

While you're all excited about being a barefoot rebel...Remember that in Maine it is also LEGAL for...

WOMEN TO GO TOPLESS!! (You don't see this much, though...or at all)

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