As of June 1, a lot of folks will be offering dine-in service in their restaurants, as well as other retail establishments. In southern Maine counties, this is going to take a little longer, but here in Penobscot County, we've gotten the green light. Undoubtedly, this will please many people.

But some restaurants aren't quite as anxious to open. Not because they aren't enthusiastic to serve their loyal customers, but because they don't want their patrons to have anything less than authentic experience. Some feel sending a server to your table with a mask on, or taking your temperature at the door, is just too much.

For instance, Pat's Pizza in Orono was telling WABI-TV5, that they still intend to be open for takeout, just as they have been all along, but they won't go back to dine-in seating come June 1st. Manager, Sherri Cunningham said this to WABI:

The family decided that, you know, it's for the customers. There are so many mandates now and so many regulations that we don't want to open and have it be a different or an uncomfortable experience for our customers.

Can you really blame them? Speaking as a former business owner, who counts my lucky stars that I don't have to deal with all this right now, I can see their point. You work hard to build a brand, and don't want to mess with that. Especially a place with the long history in the area like Pat's has.

Like most folks, I can't wait to get back out to eat. But, I'm not sure I want this kind of experience either. Do you want to have your temp taken before you come in? Have your server in a mask, etc.? Obviously, I want all employees to be safe, so I'm willing to keep getting takeout until the rules change.

When I go back to a restaurant, I want to be able to laugh with my server, maybe joke with the person at the next table, whatever. With no worries. I know we're a ways off from that, but that's what I'm holding out for... The person-to-person interaction, and all the joys of going out to eat.

I really can't wait for that... but I will.

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