Some people break out in a rash when they're exposed to the hair of these  furry little critters, so get 'em while they're vulnerable!  Here's how.

The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry reminds us that between now and about mid-April is the time to remove and kill the Browntail Caterpillar, the insect that causes poison ivy like symptoms to some individuals.

The Browntail Caterpillar spends the cold winter months in "silken wrapped leaves on the tips of hardwood branches, especially oak and fruit trees", according to a recent State press release.

Maine officials say the best way to eradicate them is to clip the nest off the tree, and then drop it into a bucket of soapy water to soak overnight.

Do not drop the nest on the grounds, because those little buggers will begin to scurry about while making plans to build another nest elsewhere.

Wondering where within Maine the Browntail caterpillars or moths are most prevalent? View the Maine Browntail Moth Exposure Risk Map HERE.

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