I like weird things as much as the next person.

Really, I do. I used to be waaaaay more into collecting strange things. When I was a kid, I bought one of those little baby octopi in a jar. I used to have a few different taxidermied animals as well. There was this especially odd one that looked like a little devil. Turns out it was a fish that had been cut up specifically to look kind of evil.

As I got older, and got married, all that stuff went away. Funny how my stuffed weasel didn't really fit in with our overall decor. Or my complete salmon skeleton. sometimes I really miss having stuff like that around. It always made for great conversation starters. But a woman in Orrington has taken starting conversations to a whole new level.

If you're into odd things, then you need to seek out Christina Brunson in Orrington.

Christina maintains a Facebook page that she uses to help buy and sell these curious at best, frightening at worst, items. Need a real human skull? she can help with that. Need a stuffed rat? No problem, stop on by! There's something for everyone if you're into bizarre things.

Yes, even a pair of human testicles. A matched set, if you will. According to the BDN, she often gets items like this from doctors who retire that have been holding onto things for years...

These are really rare. It’s insanely difficult to find them as a wet specimen and definitely insanely difficult to find them as a matched pair, which these are.

If you find yourself inclined to want to own these little swingers, they're going to cost you a pretty penny. Brunson values them at about $5,000. There are all sorts of rules around buying and selling certain things, such as body parts. But everything she does is above boards in every way. No fear that you're buying illegal items.

If you want to learn more, check out her Facebook page, Distinctively Different Oddities & Curiosities, where Christina does most of her retailing. It's completely awesome. Maybe even a little nauseating. But, totally frikkin' awesome.


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