If you've ever driven in or out of the city of Bangor, chances are you've passed the old Anah Shriners building on Main Street, more times than you can count. The Shriners occupied the property at 586 Main St. for 35 years, before moving to their new home on Broadway in 2015.

After they moved out of the building, it stood vacant for many years.

According to the city of Bangor's website, the new owners of the building are a company called Maine Strain Distributors, LLC.

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A quick look at Maine Strain's website, and one can tell, this is going to be a pretty large operation.

"We are a one-stop-shop for growers across the US, providing the best tools available in the cannabis industry. Located in Bangor, Maine Strain provides a full range of growing tools and supplies, including environmentals, lighting, irrigation, controllers, grow media, and nutrients."

Since it's become legal to use and sell Marijuana in the state of Maine, the industry has taken off. According to last month's edition of The Marijuana Moment publication:

"Maine recreational marijuana sales broke another record in August, exceeding $10 million for the first time since the adult-use market launched in October 2020. The state’s Office of Marijuana Policy reported that the state’s 53 adult-use cannabis shops brought in about $10.2 million in marijuana purchases last month. And that translates into about $1 million in tax revenue for the state, which has a population of just 1.3 million."

There's no doubt there's a market for marijuana growing and cultivation supplies, not only in this state but in others across the nation. Entrepreneur, Dylan Proctor, who leads the Maine Strain team has been a successful grower, himself and also owns East Coast Cure, a dispensary on Stillwater Ave. in Bangor.

The Main St. location would be used for selling marijuana growing supplies and tools only, as there is a marijuana ordinance in Bangor that states that marijuana cannot be sold less than 300 feet from a residence.

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