The City of Old Town will be hosting its 4th Annual Kayak Tree Lighting at the beginning of next month.

Photo Credit, City Of Old Town

The Kayak Tree Lighting is a fairly new tradition in the Old Town area. Old Town's Director of Economic & Community Development, EJ Roach, says it all started a few years back...

"In 2018, City employees wanted to do something unique that represented the community so we partnered with Old Town Canoe to create the Old Town Kayak Tree. Old Town Canoe manufactures these custom color kayaks to hang from the tree. Approximately 20 kayaks are used to construct the tree."
Photo Credit, City Of Old Town
Roach, says the event has grown bigger and better each year since it began.

"We will have the lighting of the Kayak tree, a bonfire, hot chocolate, ice skating (if conditions allow), a visit from Santa, and a fireworks display. Each year we have added a little more to the festivities. This year, in addition to the fireworks, we will be adding more holiday lights to the downtown area and the park."

Photo Credit, City Of Old Town

The event, scheduled to take place Friday, December 3 from 6-8 PM, will happen at the Riverfront (Binnette Memorial) Park, and according to Old Town's Facebook Page, the city is looking for community members and businesses who might be interested in taking part of this year's festivities.

"If you are part of an organization that would like to become more involved in this event please contact us. You can email or call 827-3965 for more information."

Mark your calendars to head to Old Town to check out Old Town's spin on a traditional holiday tree lighting.

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