How are we going to know it's Wednesday anymore?

For decades I've lived in the same neighborhood as Nicky's Cruisin Diner. And as lost as I might get in any given week, I always knew I had hit the half way point when I'd hear the rumble of those classic engines and saw those vintage cars all lined up in rows in the Nicky's parking lot. Wednesday "Cruisin" nights at Nicky's were legendary in this area! As a fan of that 40's/50's and 60's era, it was always cool to drive by and peak at the shiny chrome and popping paint jobs. If you actually took the time to stop in and check out those cars in an up-close and personal way, you'd likely encounter some of the nicest classic car aficionados!

The experience of a "Cruisin" night at Nicky's was something special. You were transported back into a simpler time, even if just for an evening. The cars, the music, the all felt less complicated. I'm sad to think that my kids won't have the opportunity to experience that.

Earlier this week, the owners of Nicky's Cruisin Diner announced they would be closing their doors, for good, next Tuesday, June 30th. With little time to act, the folks from Bangor Car Meets, an online group who organizes classic car gatherings, put the word out on social media that they'd like to host One Final Cruisin tonight, to pay respect to the folks from Nicky's, who have been hosting the classic car community for over 20 years!

According to the Facebook Event Page, the Final Cruisin will kick off at 6PM.

"Nicky's has served as a local hotspot for classic car owners in Bangor for over 20 years. Lets go 'pay respects' to our 'elders' and fellow car enthusiasts one last time."

It's certainly the end of an era. Wednesdays just won't be the same on Union Street in Bangor after this week.

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