When I was a kid, I thought parades were awesome. Not that they aren't anymore, but when I was growing up, things were a bit different than they are now. There's so many distractions these days, and so many choices of things to do, I wonder if parades mean as much to kids now, as when I was a boy.

I used to go to all that my family would bring me to. Memorial Day, 4th of July, Children's Day in Hampden every August, Veteran's Day, the Light Parade.... you name it. I loved them all. And when I got into high school, I loved marching in the parades in the band too. It felt like I'd actually become an adult on some level, haha.

So, the question on a lot of folks minds this year, is whether or not we'll have parades again after all the things that have been canceled because of COVID-19. Since the rash of cancellations in the earlier part of the year, the CDC and Gov. Mills have lifted many COVID restrictions, especially for outdoor activities for fully vaccinated folks.

In a post online from WABI - TV5, Bangor officials have been discussing the next steps for parades here in Bangor. The vibe seems cautiously optimistic. The obvious hold up seems to be how to address the issue of the non-vaccinated. Some feel it's inviting folks who aren't to gather up and spread the virus to each other.

Others feel it's a risk worth taking, and that encouraging folks to mask up or stay home, if they aren't vaccinated. This will be impossible to monitor though, wouldn't it? It's not like they're going to go around checking people's vax cards to see if they can be at the parade. But there is validity to the idea that people will be infected at a parade.

Memorial Day may still look a bit different this year, but Bangor as it's sights set on the 4th of July. Again, things look pretty good for a 4th parade, which will likely have a direct impact on the planning of the next events. So let's cross our fingers and see what happens over the coming weeks, and see if parades can come on home.

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