The story starts many years ago. A typical woman living her life. Going to work. Raising her family. Enjoy her life in Maine.

And then inspiration hit her to lose some weight and live healthier.

But those were much more than just words to Jaime Rogers.

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Jaime Rogers has lost 130 pounds since she decided to change her life.

She lives in Passadumkeag. She grew up in nearby Lincoln. She has a job with Northern Light Health as a mental health counselor. She is a mom and a wife. And here’s a photo of her from this past weekend.

Courtesy Jaime Rogers
Courtesy Jaime Rogers

That’s some serious exercise.

Jaime is in an International Fitness contest. She has just made it to the quarterfinals, as 6,500 people were eliminated. Now it is down to just hundreds, and she's still one of the survivors.

The contest is being put on by HERS magazine.

Here is Jaime’s page, where you can vote using your Facebook page to help her in the contest.  You can vote once per day, or buy extra votes with part of that money being donated to Homes For Wounded Warriors charity.


The first prize is your photo on the front page of the magazine, and $20,000.  How would you spend $20 grand right now?

If Jaime wins, she says

I want to win this competition to share my story with others who may be struggling, just like I did, to live a healthy and active lifestyle

Jaime was in her early 40s when she made some changes that helped put her own health as a more important thing for her to focus on. She doesn’t even have a gym membership but calls herself ‘Just an ordinary person who made a few changes and she has lost all that weight.

Courtesy Jaime Rogers
Courtesy Jaime Rogers

My whole family is healthier because of the changes I made, and I am living my best life. It is possible for anyone to get healthier, no matter your age, no matter your size, and even if you were not a star athlete, or athletic at all

Final words from Jaime

Being a mental health counselor, I understand the connection between mental and physical well being. At this time in our state and our country, many people are struggling with their emotional state. Improving our physical health has direct connections to our mental health, and vice versa.

You get the final word. Vote for Jaime.

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