Hey, how often do you get to stand next to royalty?

We're a big fan of the New England Patriots, I mean, we've watched the final quarter of the Super Bowl at least twenty times on the DVR.  So, when we heard that the Lombardi Trophy was on it's way to Bangor, we just had to go.

We waited for the final hour of the trophy's presentation this past Saturday, long after the initial humongous crowd had dispersed, and make our way in.  It took about one minute to make our way to the trophy's side.  It was very shiny.

L. Miller/TSM photo

We then made our way in-between Pat Patriot and a New England Patriots' cheerleader.  Pat slapped us on the back a couple of three times, and the very bubbly cheerleader complimented my Boston Red Sox hat.

L. Miller/TSM photo

Although we never got to meet Tom and Giselle, we did appreciate that Mr. Brady pulled it off, and "brought that sucker home!"