Paul Stanley, who’s spent several years debating the pros and cons of returning to the studio with Kiss, said it's unlikely to happen before the band bows out after its farewell tour.

Dates for the End of the Road trip are expected to be announced soon and to run for up to three years starting in January 2019.

Asked at the Rock ’N’ Roll Fantasy Camp about the chances of making new music, Stanley said, “No, I don’t think so.” “I could write ‘Let It Be’ and people would still say, “That’s great – now play ‘Detroit Rock City,’” he explained. "And I understand it, because when songs have a history with you, they’re kind of like a snapshot of a time in your life. … That’s not something that anything can take the place of overnight.”

You can watch the interview below.

Stanley specifically singled out two of the band’s more recent songs. “I think ‘Modern Day Delilah’ or ‘Hell or Hallelujah’ are as good as anything we did," he said. "But I understand that people are more connected to those older, classic songs.”

He argued that“if you put on a live video concert of any band … and you turn off the volume, I will tell you every time they’re playing a new song, because the audience sits down.”

He noted that, even though fans did ask for new music, “they really don’t want it. … So at some point, I go, ‘Really, what’s the point?’ Unless it’s something that’s fulfilling for me … I think everything we’ve done so far speaks volumes, and it’s enough of a legacy.”



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