Lovely Leonard is the SPCA of Hancock County's "Pet Of The Week". This beautiful black cat has seen more than his fair share of bad luck. He came into the SPCA about 5 months ago and was diagnosed with a rare disease. "Pillow Foot" as it's called, made it so the pads of his feet were swollen. This caused Leonard considerable pain when he would walk. Thankfully, he's been treated for the last two months and has shown improvement. He also had a handful of teeth removed recently. So this guy really just wants to curl up and cuddle for a bit. He's been through quite enough, thank you very much!

Leonard the cat, SPCA Hancock County
Leonard the cat, SPCA Hancock County

The folks at the SPCA and his foster family describe the 8-year-old kitty as having plenty of life left to live!

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"He may be a more mature cat, but he still has the whole rest of his life ahead of him. He wears a sleek black jacket and has a very prominent nose. He loves to cozy up with a nice blanket. He loves other cats and dogs. He makes it a habit to chirp and call out to any animal wandering the lobby.  Leonard would like a quieter home, with older kids. He has a lot of love to offer, to both humans and animals alike, he's just waiting to find his forever home.

If you'd like to spend some time loving on this handsome boy or any of the other animals at the shelter, all you have to do is reach out to the folks at the SPCA of Hancock County by calling 207-667-8088 or checking out their website,

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