Some cats have very distinct personalities. And sometimes those personalities, with the right combination of patience and gentleness, pay off in the long run.

Take this striking kitty, Aragorn, for instance.

"Aragorn is a handsome 2-year-old black and white short-haired tuxedo with a secret: he maybe should have been named after Smeagol/Golem. Aragorn wants to be an only fur child with no human or fur kids to compete with. Aragorn cannot be in a home with children under 12, since he bites when overstimulated and requires consistent, calm training so he can outgrow undesirable traits. While he gets excited to meet other cats, he does not like to share his precious things with cats at this time."

aragorn judging you, Hancock County SPCA
Aragorn judging you, Hancock County SPCA

If you have the temperament to show Aragorn you can be trusted, you might help unlock his riches.

"Working with Aragorn is like helping a dog with resource guarding issues - we use a lot of positive reinforcement and clicker training to motivate him toward good behavior. Once you are accepted as Aragorn’s friend, you’ll find he’s actually a very sweet cat who simply wants love, attention, and playtime with his precious person."

smeagol aragorn, SPCA Hancock County
Smeagol Aragorn, SPCA Hancock County

"If you have a quiet home and are interested in meeting Aragorn and learning more about his training, please schedule an appointment to meet him with our shelter manager, Cole."

aragorn good boy, SPCA Hancock County
Aragorn good boy, SPCA Hancock County

If you're interested in learning more about any of the animals available for adoption at the SPCA of Hancock County by calling 207-667-8088 or by visiting their website,

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