Sheldon likes the cold, even though he’s kind of old.

He’s searching for a home - a place to chew his bone.

He’s been searching for a while; no one seems to match his style.

But there’s got to be someone who thinks it’s kind of fun

To scamper through the snow with a grumpy dog in tow,

And think with mutual regard: the other might have played too hard.

Sheldon’s picky, though, my friend. We’ve said it once and said again:

Some have tried and some have failed to pierce the armor and chainmail

With which he guards his heart.

This dog’s been through so much, he won’t just trust the touch

Of any stranger who comes knocking at his door.

He’s seen them come, he’s seen them go before.

Now listen close, my dear: Sheldon’s been here for a year.

Winter’s coming ‘round again and he has lost his sense of zen.

This dog is crotchety, it’s true. He’s slow to warm to someone new.

We can show you how it’s done, but really you will be the one

Who takes the time and patience to break through.

Please give us a call if you liked this rhyme at all.

You can find our number here or on the web.

(Sheldon is a 9 year old sheltie/collie mix. He is looking for a home with no dogs, cats, or children. )

SPCA of Hancock County image
SPCA of Hancock County image

The SPCA of Hancock County is a no-kill facility, and currently has many cats and dogs available for adoption.  It’s located at 141 Bar Harbor Road in Trenton.  It’s open Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays between 11 AM – 5 PM.  Fridays and Saturdays between 11 AM – 6 PM.  Closed Monday and Tuesday.

Call them at call at 667-8088! Email them at  Follow them on Facebook and check out the website too!

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