I'll be the first to admit, that since Covid hit last year, I don't really stray far from home. I can count on one hand the number of times I've gone somewhere that wasn't the store, the post office, the bank or my kids' schools. I know there are plenty of other people in the same boat.

In a recent survey that was just released, "69% [of people questioned] said after spending so much time indoors, any new experience feels like a thrill" and I can totally relate to that.

Is it sad that I get excited to go to the post office? Or that when I notice I'm low on gas, I l drive out of my way to a full service station, just so I can talk to another human being? Where running errands used to be such a drag, it's now something I look forward to, just for the change in scenery!

As spring starts to unfold, and nicer weather becomes more of the norm, I am hoping to spend more time outside, maybe even going beyond the boundaries of my own property, to explore some more.

That got me thinking: What is it, these days, that gets you out of the house? How many of us are still just sticking to the basics vs venturing out for the fun of it?

Let us know what it is that motivates you to move beyond the four walls of your room, and inspires you to rejoin that land of the living!

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