There almost has to be a better way.

It was another less than fun commute between Brewer and Ellsworth once again this morning, and as one sits in standstill traffic one's mind begins to wander.

A three-car crash on Route 1A in Ellsworth hung up traffic big time, as bumper-to-bumper traffic was diverted onto the Christain Ridge Road. Ellsworth Police Chief Glenn Moshier said this morning that it's initially believed that one of the cars crossed over the centerline and struck another that was coming in the opposite direction head-on.

Between that accident and a mishap with a deer on Route 1A, the morning commute for thousands of drivers on the much-traveled route between Brewer and Ellsworth turned into another nightmare with motorists waiting in bumper-to-bumper traffic all over and beyond.

Back in 2019, the Maine Department of Transportation told NewsCenter that 12,000 vehicles per day travel route 1A between Brewer and Ellsworth, while both Ellsworth and Holden cops said that number was closer to 40,000.

It's got to be even more now.

The Downeast Maine Traffic and Road Conditions Facebook group was filled with observations and recommendations as to what to do during it all, and one commentator brought up commuter rail service.

So, how about a commuter rail service that would span the 26 miles between Brewer and Ellsworth, and possibly beyond?  The rail bed is already there, it was once used to transport both freight and passengers, and it wasn't all that long ago.

A commuter rail service could pick up passengers at some sort of transportation center in either Bangor or Brewer where they could park or be dropped off by the Community Connector bus system, and then hitch up with one in Ellsworth. Or the train could travel even further down the line to the Acadia Gateway Center where buses from the Downeast Transportation service could then deliver people to and from both Ellsworth and Mount Desert Island.

So, could the dream become reality?

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