It's the most important meal of the day!

Apparently, people across the country enjoy getting a little taste of Maine first thing in the morning, as Maine blueberry pancakes have been ranked the 2nd most favorite breakfast food in the United States according to the results of a poll.

Hey, let's hear it for one of Maine's most important products, the precious blueberry!  Growing and harvesting blueberries, especially in both Hancock and Washington Counties is one of the most important and biggest revenue generators in the state.

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Mainers know that the tart-tasting berries really add something special to a stack of pancakes and it's nice to know that they're appreciated across the country as well.

So how do we know that Americans love diggin' into a stack of Maine blueberry pancakes?  Well, which is an online food and beverage directory and review site conducted a survey of 3,479 people and then ranked from 1 to 50 the country's favorite "signature" breakfast dishes.

The #1 breakfast dish went to Texas, the Lone Star State, as the breakfast taco or what some there call the breakfast burrito, ended up topping our blueberry pancakes. The typical breakfast burrito consists of a flour or corn tortilla filled with eggs, bacon or sausage, refried beans, cheese, and topped off with salsa. Of course, how you fill your tortilla depends on what you like to fill it with.

Looking around New England, cider doughnuts in New Hampshire was the #38 most favorite breakfast food in the country.  Of course, apple cider is the most important ingredient in doughnuts which a fried so that the outside is crispy while the inside is pillowy. The bacon maple doughnut of Massachusetts featuring creamy maple icing topped with bacon bits was ranked #19.

Take a tour around the country with the cool interactive map below, and then once again breeze through the results of our very own poll where our listeners ranked the best breakfasts served up in eastern Maine.

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