Put down the jelly, the results are in!

For the past week or so we've asked our online readers and on-air listeners what could be THE most important question ever!

Was it "is there really life after death?" No.

Was it "does my life have meaning?" No.

Was it "where's the best breakfast in eastern Maine served?"  Why yes, it was.

When it comes to having one's eggs cooked just right, well, that's pretty important stuff.  It could change your day. Breakfast is after all the most important meal of the day.  Have a lousy breakfast, have a lousy day. Have a good breakfast, have a good day.

It goes without saying, but we said it anyway.

So we wanted to know where you went for the best breakfast in the area so that others could have a good day guaranteed as well, and you responded big time. So here are the top 10 results from our poll.  We highly advise getting out of bed and washing the sleepies out of your eyes early to give them all a try someday soon.

#10 - Coffee Break Cafe, Main Road North, Hampden

#9 - Governor's, with locations in Bangor, Old Town and Ellsworth

#8 - Judy's, State Street, Bangor

#7 - Martha's Diner, Ellsworth Shopping Center

#6 - Bagel Central, Central Street, Bangor

#5 - The Riverside Cafe, Main Street, Ellsworth

#4 - Itty Bitty Diner, Route 1, Hancock

#3 - Dysart's, Coldbrook Road, Hermon and Broadway, Bangor

#2 - Sylvia's Restaurant, Mill Mall, Ellsworth

#1 - The Milbridge House Restaurant, Main Street, Milbridge

Yes, there must be something in the coffee at the Milbridge House Restaurant, as fans of the eatery gave them 24% of the vote.  Congratulations!

Places of merit include The Coach House, Wilson Street in Brewer, Peace, Love & Waffles, Bangor Road in Dover-Foxcroft, Chase's Family Restaurant, Hammond Street in Bangor, and Denny's on the Haskell Road in Bangor.

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