A few months back, Pompeii Pizza announced that they were going to open a physical storefront in addition to its food truck that you can generally find down on Bangor's waterfront. Well, very quietly, they have opened up their downtown location on Central Street In Bangor, says the BDN.

This past Wednesday, instead of any press release or media blitz, they just opened the doors, and started slinging pizza, and figured they'd just see who showed up. They've been renovating the space and keeping folks up to date via social media, but when it came time for the opening, mum was the word.

But now the wait is over. You can walk right in, order some pie, and chow down. You don't have to wait or anticipate. It's like taking a nap while riding in the car, and waking up just as the car pulls in the driveway.

Pompeii Pizza is located at 98 Central street. It is open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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