Get for ready for a real life story of the power of love, food, and family. Also make sure to have your tissue's handy. Dreams are attainable and that's exactly what this local story shows us all.

Imagine this. One Maine man asked his father who was living in Connecticut, to quit his job of 25 years working in a lumber yard to cash in his 401k, empty his bank account and move to Maine to start a food truck, according to Central Maine.

 ‘Hey, Dad, you know, I love cooking. I wanted you to come to Maine. Cash in, take your 401k, whatever it is, take all you can, and let’s go to Maine and build something for the family so that we can all be happy instead of working so hard 24/7.

Central Maine

This Maine man with a big dream is Sean McNamara. He is a trained cook. His father, Michael, ended up doing just what his son asked of him so they could make their dream come true of building a family owned business.

The food truck is called, Aces Hotspot named after Michael's late brother. They decided to honor him as a reminder to show up each day and do their best. They told Central Maine, they're doing it for him.

As the article states, their mission is to bring "high quality good to Franklin County and beyond." However, after reading their story, they're bringing so much more than food to us, they're bringing dreams.

The menu includes breakfast sandwiches, burgers, fried foods, and desserts. They're also including Hispanic flavors to the menu with the help of Cristal Vazquez, Sean's girlfriend, according to the article. 

So the three of them are not only offering delicious food to the community but their food truck serves as a foundation of the love for pursuing your dreams as a family. I am sure that is clear to anyone that meets them.

This journey to meet their dreams wasn't an easy one. Cashing in your savings and leaving a career you've worked for over 2 decades is a big decision. This just shows the commitment that this father and son have for each other, their family and the motivation they hold to showcase their talents to Maine.

In order to get the food truck, they both drove 36 hours straight to Texas to purchase and pick it up. There is nothing that these 3 amazing people cannot do.
Aces HotSpot's chief location is Farmington Ford Inc. at 531 Wilton Road in Farmington. They update their status each day on their Facebook page as to where they are going to be that day in order to reach as many potential customers as they can.
They are currently offering chicken teriyaki, fried rice, 8-ounce wagyu beef burger, chicken and waffle breakfast sandwich, deep fried double stuffed Oreos and more, as the article states.
My mouth is watering and my heart is full. It's pretty evident that Sean, Michael, and Cristal are dream makers who are just getting started. I can't wait to see everything they have in store for Maine!
If you want to visit them to try their delicious food check out their Facebook page. Remember, they're called Aces Hotspot and their motto is, "The Way Food Trucks Should Be!"

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