Now THIS is what I call the American Dream!

I am currently in the market for a rescue cat but my main concern has been my traveling lifestyle; I’ve been nervous to welcome a furry friend into my home when I have an innate and fiery need to travel.

Ideally, I have dreamt of having an easy-going cat that is comfortable hanging out in a cat backpack, running around on a leash when necessary, and vibing with me to all the places I plan to go.

That has seemed extremely far-fetched to me, which has resulted in me signing up to be a cat foster mom.

Well, my far-fetched dream is actually a beautiful reality for a couple from Boston who have been traveling the world with their half Maine Coon rescue.

Maine Coon Cat Travels the World

A couple from Boston has been jet-setting with their six-year-old rescue cat, Bao Zi. As shared by the New York Post, Bao Zi has traveled to 45 states, five countries, and 22 national parks!!

This is seriously a dream come true and is now inspiring me even more to become a cat mom.

I need a cat like Bao Zi who can take on the world with me, one state at a time!

The couple shared with the Post that they move around nearly every week, which is possible since Bao Zi is an easygoing traveler and often falls asleep until they reach their destination.

The adventurous feline is more dog-like than cat-like, even going to the bathroom when roaming on a leash rather than a litter box. Although, they do have a travel litter box on hand just in case.

Her favorite spot seems to have been Utah and she has a special place in her heart for the desert. France was her favorite country because they are pet-friendly, so she was able to explore cafes, museums, and stores with her owner.

I am SO happy this inspirational story hit my feed, now I just need to find my own adventurous kitty who’s ready to take on the world like the remarkable Bao Zi!

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